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5 Tips to Avoid a Ransomware Attack

If you are an OAMIC-insured law firm, you have comprehensive cyber and data breach coverage provided automatically. It is included with your LPL policy at no additional cost to you. It’s great in the event that you have a cyber-related incident. But even with the coverage, the assistance of experts and the restoration of data, […]

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What Do ‘Earned’ and ‘Unearned’ Premium Mean?

Just like with the practice of law, the insurance industry seemingly has its own language. If you don’t work in insurance, it can be confusing – and even frustrating – to not understand the product you’re purchasing. To alleviate this, we’ve covered phrases like “claims-made policy,” “split limits” and even the name of the product itself. […]

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One Less Thing to Worry About When Opening Your Practice

The thought of opening your own practice is thrilling – the prospect of being your own boss and building something all your own is no doubt one of the most exciting endeavors in any profession. However, it can be a little scary too, knowing you’re entirely responsible for every aspect of your livelihood. Ensuring you’ve […]

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Don’t Risk It: Why Even Good Lawyers Need Insurance

As an attorney, you work hard to provide your clients with the best services and advice possible. However, a client who experiences negative outcomes after using your services could present a risk for you. Lawyers professional liability (LPL) insurance is designed to protect you when this happens. Without LPL insurance in place, you could be […]

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Who Is Covered by Your LPL and How Does That Affect Pricing?

When law firms are reviewing our lawyers professional liability (LPL) insurance policy, we are asked a myriad of questions concerning pricing and coverage. While these subjects are important, they can get very detailed and complicated, so it’s important to have a good understanding of the basics of your LPL policy to better understand who and […]

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Tips for Returning to the Office

Being back to the office, like from an extended work-from-home period, can be tough. Even those who kept a strict routine while working remotely might find it hard to get back to work in a traditional sense – you may have gotten out of bed, dressed and to your home office by 9, but you […]

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Remote Work: Tips for Law Firms

In the last five years alone (and pre-COVID-19), remote work has grown 44%, according to an analysis done by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs. Additionally, 90% of employees say allowing for more flexible work arrangements and schedules would increase employee morale, which directly correlates to employee retention. This drastic increase is largely a result of […]

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Phone Scam Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself

A phone scam, also called telemarketing fraud, refers to any type of scheme in which a criminal communicates with the potential victim via phone, including both phone calls and text messages (via Cornell Law School). This method is often effective, as reputable companies do legitimately use telemarketing to conduct business — meaning it can be […]

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Practical Tips to Improve Efficiency at Your Law Office

Solo lawyers run their own show and wear many hats, while also facing several challenges. But of all the challenges, time management just might be the most difficult to handle. To give your practice the best chance of success, you must be efficient, meaning you achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Here […]

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