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OAMIC Celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2020

Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company is proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in the year 2020. OAMIC was founded in 1980, after a need for the company became clear to members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. In the late 1970s, the number of attorneys in the state of Oklahoma was increasing, but access to legal malpractice […]

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What is a Marketing Plan and Why Your Law Firm Needs One

As a lawyer in a solo or small firm, you wear many hats. You’re an entrepreneur through and through – often creating a business from the ground up, soliciting work, marketing your services, managing accounting… oh, and actually doing the legal work, too. Marketing is one area that can overwhelm people who aren’t trained in it, […]

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Understanding Your Claims-Made Insurance Policy

In the insurance world, there are two main types of policies — occurrence and claims-made. You’re likely to be most familiar with occurrence policies, as this is how your home and auto insurance work. Legal malpractice insurance is written as a claims-made policy and it’s a bit more complex. Read below to learn about claims-made […]

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