Why the RLI Personal Umbrella Policy Is a Smart Choice


Unexpected events happen more often than we think they do. To protect your financial assets and family, RLI has designed an affordable personal umbrella policy to provide an extra layer of coverage above your basic homeowners, renters or auto policies. The RLI personal umbrella policy is affordable and can be purchased in increments of $1 million. If damages exceed the limit of your basic insurance policy, RLI personal umbrella policy offers the extra layer of protection that you and your family need. 

In one example from Louisiana, an insured teenage son was driving with his younger sister and her friend when he lost control of the vehicle and hit a telephone pole. The friend permanently lost the use of her right arm and suffered severe brain injuries resulting in permanent brain damage. Luckily, the insured had a personal umbrella policy. The claim was settled for more than the insured’s auto policy would cover. Without the personal umbrella policy, the insured would have had to pay $1 million out of their own pocket.

Stand Alone Umbrella 

Unlike most umbrella policies, the RLI personal umbrella policy does not require that the insured have underlying coverage with RLI. This means that your RLI personal umbrella policy coverage can be purchased over and above what you have with your current carrier. This offers the flexibility to choose your underling coverage and personal umbrella coverage without forcing you to buy both from the same carrier.

Excess Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage Offered in all States.

Auto liability insurance is compulsory in most jurisdictions but that doesn’t mean that every motorist has insurance. According to the Insurance Research Council, a 2019 study showed that 12.6% of drivers in the United States are uninsured. This means that of every eight drivers on the road, one is not insured. To cover your expenses from damages resulting from accidents with underinsured or uninsured motorists, the personal umbrella policy provides excess underinsured/uninsured coverage in all states and Washington D.C.

Wider Coverage

A personal umbrella policy substantially increases your limit of liability, providing coverage for claims not covered by your basic insurance policy like libel, slander or false arrest. Considering the above scenario, if the insured’s personal auto limits are exceeded for legal fees and medical expenses, the insured’s personal umbrella policy is triggered to provide coverage over and above the primary auto limits. It is a low-cost policy designed to protect you and your family against catastrophic lawsuits and judgement.

Peace of Mind

We sleep better at night knowing that our families and assets are protected from unforeseen circumstances. The RLI personal umbrella policy is designed to meet coverage needs that your personal auto, renters or homeowners policy does not. Because there is no age limit on drivers, your whole household can be covered, and you can sleep better knowing that your teenager in college has enough coverage if an unexpected event occurs.

Easy Online Application & Quote

Apart from flexibility and affordability, RLI provides a quick and easy online application process and a policy can be issued as soon as payment is received. To learn more about the policy we can help you obtain, see the Personal Umbrella Policy page or contact us.


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