PHIL’S CORNER: With A Little Help From Our Friends


I know, now you will be singing that song – or at least that line – the rest of the day! With all the uncertainties the past couple of years, we are even more thankful for our insureds (friends) than ever before. That is appropriate for this time of year.

One thing the pandemic has taught us out of necessity, even if not the desired method, is that we can accomplish a decent amount through technology via Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Cisco Webex or similar other platforms. We need to take advantage and use this where it makes sense.

At OAMIC, we’re always available to answer questions and discuss coverages or claims. I have always felt badly that it is impossible to get around to the more than 2,250 firms we insure to talk through these matters at renewal. Actually, maybe we can do so if we use technology to help.

I would like to offer one-on-one virtual meetings to discuss your renewal coverages and any questions you might have. This will give us the opportunity to go through the renewal and talk about common questions, appropriate limit options for the firm’s practice, and any other details. All of this can be done expediently and in as much depth as you desire. When you complete your renewal application and receive your renewal information back from us, please email me to set up a time.

As always, let us know if we can be of assistance in any way.


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