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Managing Your Risk: Common Estate, Trust & Probate Errors

Estate, trust and probate law is an area of practice concerned with the management and transfer of wealth. This is usually handled by using a variety of legal instruments such as but not limited to wills and trusts. Claims originating from this area have been rising and are expected to continue to rise as baby […]

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Remote Work: Tips for Law Firms

In the last five years alone (and pre-COVID-19), remote work has grown 44%, according to an analysis done by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs. Additionally, 90% of employees say allowing for more flexible work arrangements and schedules would increase employee morale, which directly correlates to employee retention. This drastic increase is largely a result of […]

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Real Estate Transaction Errors: What You Need to Know

Even the best attorneys make mistakes, but not all mistakes made by attorneys qualify as legal malpractice. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), 4 out of 5 lawyers will get sued for malpractice in their legal career. The likelihood of being sued is greater for real estate attorneys, as it is one of the […]

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An Attorney’s Perspective: Why Dividends Matter

As you likely know, the OAMIC Board of Directors recently declared a policy dividend for all policies in effect at the end of 2019. The year 2020 marks OAMIC’s 40th anniversary, and we are so proud to issue this dividend, which is our 26th consecutive one. (Checks are in the mail as I write this!) I’m […]

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Phone Scam Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself

A phone scam, also called telemarketing fraud, refers to any type of scheme in which a criminal communicates with the potential victim via phone, including both phone calls and text messages (via Cornell Law School). This method is often effective, as reputable companies do legitimately use telemarketing to conduct business — meaning it can be […]

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OAMIC Celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2020

Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company is proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in the year 2020. OAMIC was founded in 1980, after a need for the company became clear to members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. In the late 1970s, the number of attorneys in the state of Oklahoma was increasing, but access to legal malpractice […]

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RECENT CLAIMS: Wire Transfer Scams

Lately, we’ve had a series of insureds who have called us because they have fallen victim to a wire transfer scam. Read below to learn about the most common scenario we see, what you should look for to prevent becoming a victim, and coverage information. Scenario Attorneys are an easy target for wire transfer scams […]

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