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What is Cyber Liability Insurance & Do I have It?

You know cybersecurity is important. We know you know cyber security is important. It feels like the whole world preaches the importance of cybersecurity because – well – it’s important. But although it’s vital for everyone, it’s even more so for law firms because they handle sensitive client information. We’ve provided articles on how to […]

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Considerations for Attorneys With Clients in Cannabis-Related Businesses

We were probably the first lawyers professional liability insurer to openly declare the willingness to write coverage for law firms providing legal services to cannabis business clients. Many insurers declined to underwrite firms with these types of clients, while others crafted specific exclusions for claims arising from clients in a cannabis business. On the other […]

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Don’t Be Someone’s Big Catch: Tips to Avoid Phishing Scams

Scam emails have been around nearly as long as email itself, and unfortunately they’re not likely to go away any time soon – or maybe ever. What Exactly Is Phishing? There are a lot of scams, and phishing is just one type. Phishing is a technique to obtain information like login credentials, credit card numbers […]

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PHIL’S CORNER: Prior Acts – the 2nd Trigger of Coverage

Phil’s Corner is a special column from OAMIC’s President & CEO Phil Fraim. We have made an effort to make sure policyholders have an understanding of a claims-made policy, on which professional liability is written. The easiest means to do so is to focus on the major differentiations from an occurrence-based policy. What is known […]

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The Two Biggest Errors in Oil & Gas Practices

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Oklahoma is ranked fourth in the top oil-producing states in the country. Oil and gas is a rewarding business, not just for the country and state, but for attorneys who practice in this area. However, like with most resources that generate lucrative income, it comes with risks and […]

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Court Bonds

Court Bonds 101 (and How to Get One)

As most lawyers know, a court bond is a tool to ensure a party will fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by law. Probate attorneys, for example, must often post a bond on behalf of an executor, administrator or conservator of an estate. However, the need for a bond also arises in a wide variety of […]

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Criminal Malpractice Lawsuits May Be Fewer, but No Less Costly

Criminal defense malpractice lawsuits are not common and are significantly different from civil cases when proving malpractice. Apart from the difficulty involved in proving ineffective assistance of counsel, the plaintiff must first overturn the criminal conviction before pursuing the malpractice lawsuit. There is a huge burden of proof on the plaintiff to demonstrate they would […]

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Avert Controversies With an Engagement Letter

One of the best instruments for an attorney to protect himself or herself from a malpractice lawsuit is a well-drafted engagement letter. The engagement letter is frequently disregarded by attorneys – instead, the attorney opts to just engage in a verbal agreement. However, a written engagement letter can be critical to both preventing and defending […]

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PHIL’S CORNER: Dividends – Sharing Our Efforts

Phil’s Corner is a special column from OAMIC’s President & CEO Phil Fraim. I am sure the favorite envelope you receive from us has to be the one containing the policy dividend check. In all honesty, it is our favorite one to send because it means we had something left in which to share with […]

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