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What Exactly Is Tail Coverage and How to Know If You Need It

Tail coverage, formally called an extended reporting endorsement, is often the final piece of your legal malpractice insurance. It is used for events like retirement, disability, leaving private practice or even death. Since legal malpractice is a claims-made policy, continuity of coverage is extremely important – and this importance doesn’t end when your circumstances change. […]

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How the Legalization of Medical Marijuana Affects Oklahoma Attorneys

When Oklahoma voters passed State Question 788 on June 26, 2018, medical marijuana became legal in the state. Questions started flooding in immediately about how the law would actually operate and be enforced, and how soon medical marijuana would be available to consumers. But the law affects more than just those who choose to partake […]

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8 Ways to Avoid Legal Malpractice Claims

While legal malpractice claims may not be commonplace for lawyers, according to the American Bar Association attorneys in private practice have a 4-17% chance of being sued for malpractice each year. There is no iron-clad solution for preventing malpractice claims; however, there are several steps you can take to help prevent suits which can result […]

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Understanding Your Claims-Made Insurance Policy

In the insurance world, there are two main types of policies — occurrence and claims-made. You’re likely to be most familiar with occurrence policies, as this is how your home and auto insurance work. Legal malpractice insurance is written as a claims-made policy and it’s a bit more complex. Read below to learn about claims-made […]

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6 Ways OAMIC Has Your Back

At Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company, we are proud to be the only local provider of legal malpractice insurance in the state. Lawyers professional liability insurance is our core product, not just a side offering. By focusing on providing only insurance lines and products that were designed to protect lawyers, we have built a unique company […]

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6 Areas of Practice with the Most Frequent Malpractice Lawsuits

Legal malpractice lawsuits can be costly for any law firm, but the potential cost of malpractice claims can vary significantly based upon the areas of law concerned. Some areas have a high frequency of lawsuits filed, while others have more severe costs of defense and settlement. Knowing where your area of practice stands in this […]

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What Is a Step Rate and How It Affects the Cost of Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice is priced using what’s called a step rating methodology. But what exactly does that mean? Watch this video to learn more, or continue reading below. Envision your career as a step ladder. When you’re a young lawyer, you’re on the first rung of the ladder. You’re starting to acquire work and your coverage is just starting, too. Your […]

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What Is Email Wire Transfer Fraud and How To Prevent It

Scamming people for money is not a new concept but it has gotten much more sophisticated as technology continues to advance. Email wire transfer fraud is one of the most common types of fraud. In 2018 alone, the FBI received more than 20,000 email wire fraud complaints with adjusted losses of more than $1.2 billion, according […]

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10 Questions to Ask When Looking for Legal Malpractice Insurance

Too often the purchase of insurance – sometimes even legal malpractice insurance – is treated like commodity shopping, weighted heavily on price. Many policyholders only read and research their coverage when faced with a claim, only to find they are unsure how their policy will work. But what should you evaluate when reviewing/comparing lawyers professional […]

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3 Areas of Practice with High-Cost Malpractice Suits

Legal malpractice lawsuits are both time consuming and costly for all law firms, but the average costs of malpractice suits can and often do vary based upon the area of law. While some areas of practice experience a high frequency of malpractice lawsuits, others have experienced much higher severity in terms of costs for defense […]

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