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Client Engagement Letter: ‘Why Not?’

I am still amazed when firms say they don’t use an engagement letter, or don’t use one most of the time, especially on repeat business with a client. My response is usually, “Why not?” After all, the letter can be pretty much boilerplate, so we are not talking about a huge effort in crafting something […]

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How Can an Economic Downturn Impact Your Firm?

Let’s set the stage with a presupposition with which you may or may not agree. It is the natural order of things that when as much was done to stimulate the economy during the pandemic, the bill will come due. I think we are about to pay the piper to some extent. That means rough […]

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Ease Your Stress: Declutter!

We all know life at work can be stressful – projects piling up, deadlines to be met, time constraints to battle, human and technical interruptions. Then, add clutter to the mix and it’s no wonder we are stressed! You may not think clutter is a big factor, but it can add to our stress and […]

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Do I Need an Office Package Policy?

Suppose a delivery person is bringing food to one of your employees, and he slips and falls on ice or the stairs on your property. You have enough money to replace the food, but do you have enough money set aside for liability resulting from broken bones or head injuries? How about a lawsuit or […]

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Women Working Together

Office Sharing and Avoiding the Risk of a Malpractice Claim

With the combined expense of actual office space, staff and equipment, many lawyers choose to enter into an office sharing arrangement as an economical way to hang out their shingle. Although there may be initial cost-saving benefits, there are disadvantages to sharing offices with other professionals, such as increased exposure to bar grievances or malpractice […]

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Mail App on the phone

9 Tips for Crafting Effective Emails

At a time when businesses have turned to emailing as the predominant mode of communication with clients, knowing how to write a professional and informative email that achieves your objective is critical. Writing an email is simple – but writing a professional and informative email encompasses the principles of style and structure. Clients and customers […]

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Social Media on the Phone

Avoid Ethical Missteps in Your Law Firm’s Social Media

I’ll spare you the introduction about how ubiquitous social media is because, well, it is. Love it or hate it, social media is vital in modern communication. Since we last covered “Why Your Law Firm Needs a Social Media Presence,” not much has changed in the landscape of social media platforms. For Americans, YouTube and […]

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Court Bonds

Court Bonds 101 (and How to Get One)

As most lawyers know, a court bond is a tool to ensure a party will fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by law. Probate attorneys, for example, must often post a bond on behalf of an executor, administrator or conservator of an estate. However, the need for a bond also arises in a wide variety of […]

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Broken Eggs

Be Ready With a Disaster Plan

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Just in Oklahoma, the past several months have been a wild ride when it comes to weather-related phenomena. Ice storms, snowstorms, late-season tornadoes – we’ve seen it all over the last six months. Plus, our regular tornado season and our roller-coaster spring […]

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