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10 Tips for Avoiding the Scariest Thing in the World

For most lawyers, horror movie villains and things that go bump in the night can’t hold a candle to the heart-stopping, terrifying thought of a malpractice claim (or even a bar complaint). Because, while werewolves or menacing grifters chase unsuspecting teens through dark forests and haunted hallways, the sun eventually always comes up and the […]

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Know the Risks: Being On Your Client’s Board of Directors

It can be very gratifying, both personally and monetarily, to be asked to serve on a client’s board of directors. It is also easy to understand why a client might make the request. The attorney may have worked closely with the company’s founders to create the business and will likely have a solid grasp of […]

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Looking at Oklahoma’s Most Common Bar Complaints

The Oklahoma Bar Association publishes Professional Responsibility Commission Annual Report (PDF). It includes disciplinary actions taken by the commission as well as grievances filed by members of the public. As interesting as the first one is, we’ll be exploring the latter. Although a claim of malpractice is very different than a bar grievance, and one […]

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Claims and Errors Trends: What You Should Know

Below is information compiled from OAMIC’s claim data from 2009-2019 regarding common errors and claims. This information was originally prepared as part of the materials for the recent continuing education program Tales From the Trenches, but we’ve made it available here because everyone in Oklahoma’s legal community can benefit from knowing about claims in our […]

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Claims: Not If but When

The thought of a legal malpractice claim is stressful and unnerving. The truth is, however, lawyers should expect two to three claims in their careers, according to the American Bar Association. It’s not usually a matter of “if” it will happen – but “when.” Even if the claim doesn’t have any merit whatsoever, it still requires attention. […]

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RECENT CLAIMS: Wire Transfer Scams

Lately, we’ve had a series of insureds who have called us because they have fallen victim to a wire transfer scam. Read below to learn about the most common scenario we see, what you should look for to prevent becoming a victim, and coverage information. Scenario Attorneys are an easy target for wire transfer scams […]

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The 4 Most Common Types of Legal Malpractice Errors

Lawyers make unintentional errors every day – in hard and easy cases, in trials and transactions, in large and small firms, and across many areas of practice. Deadlines, long hours, demands from clients and more contribute to this, and even the most meticulous lawyer is bound to make a mistake at least once in his […]

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PHIL’S CORNER: When to Report a Claim

Phil’s Corner is a special column from OAMIC’s President & CEO Phil Fraim that is sent in our e-newsletter each month. Has it ever crossed your mind whether you should report a matter that could potentially be the basis of a claim?  You may question the timing and whether there is even a need to […]

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Understanding Your Claims-Made Insurance Policy

In the insurance world, there are two main types of policies — occurrence and claims-made. You’re likely to be most familiar with occurrence policies, as this is how your home and auto insurance work. Legal malpractice insurance is written as a claims-made policy and it’s a bit more complex. Read below to learn about claims-made […]

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